Chisalon Naturheilpraxis @Oberbaum-City

Lehmbruckstr. 26//10245 Berlin


Heike Brunner 0177. 215 3112   or 030. 215 3112

Gregory Spoo 0157. 84 66 12 74 

Please call us or write us an email for treatment dating:

Welcome to our english site!


This is Team Chisalon: Heike Brunner and Gregory Spoo.

We are working together at our Naturheilpraxis in Berlin, Oberbaumcity.


Gregory is our Massage expert, he offers massages from 20min– 90min. Further he is a homeopath and he gives Phonphorese. Phonophorese  is a modern style of soundtherapie on the acupunctur points and meridianes.


Heike is giving acupuncture and other CAM treatments, like kinesiology, homeopathy or herbal treatments. She is speciallized for Pregnancy- and IVF -acupuncture, too.


We are trained for acute health problems, like pain in the back, headache, acute hayfever, aswell for chronical diseases, with a serious medical history and along term careness needing.


So if you are interested, please give us a phone call, or write us an email!

It is possible to come for treatment to your office, too. Feel free to ask for the conditions.

We`ll gonna response contemporary, or latest 24h after you left us your message. Please leave your name and your telefon-number, thank you!



Massages with Gregory starting with 30 min. cost 28.–,

please check out here our prices.


The acupuncture-, herbalmedicine– and homeopatic treatments are 70.- per hour.


A first CAM therapie anamnese visit, including a first therapy and a cure-mangement took two hours, the acupuncture settings 45 min.-

The short TCM anamnese and treatment for acute problems is 90.-.



Looking forward to see you,


with best wishes

Heike & Gregory


CAM= Complementary and Alternativ Medicine




Story behind the pic left side

It was painted for present to Heike after a treatment against backpain from the japanese Buthodancer Atsushi.